Programme: Debate


Our Fossil Fabric

Our Fossil Fabric: a Reflective Conversation

Fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas deeply influence the way we live. They determine the shape of the places we live in and impact our desires. Fossil culture is everywhere, and precisely that makes it so difficult to observe its impact. How can you see the water in which you swim? During this afternoon we explore how immersive experiences can help to reveal to which extent the fossil fabric is intertwined with our everyday lives. We question a director, two artistic activists and a rogue civil servant about their approaches to engage the public with fossil fuels and climate change. How do their interventions further the transformation to a more sustainable, post-fossil system? 


13:00 Coffee & Tea

13:30 Tour of Expo Places of Hope by Curator Maarten Hajer

14:00 Opening by Peter Pelzer

14:15 Contemplative Conversations

·Merel Willemsen & Daniela Paes Leao (Fossil Free Culture) are interviewed by Graeme Macdonald (University of Warwick and Petrocultures) on their activistic performances at the Van Gogh Museum to stop the sponsorship by Shell.

·Tsjeard Hofstra (Gemeente Leeuwarden) is interviewed by Jesse Hoffman (Utrecht University) on the initiative the Elfwegentocht, two weeks in July when no fossil fuels are allowed in the Province of Friesland.

·Jeek ten Velden (Sun City & Akkers & Velden) is interviewed by Wytske Versteeg (novelist) on his engaged performances, such as City of Sounds and Silence, Kingdom of the Earth and the new performance Stil.

15:45 Plenary Dialogue

16:30 Closing & Drinks

This reflective conversation is organised by the European research collaboration CLIMAGINARIES, consisting of the Universities of Warwick, Lund and Utrecht.