Landmakers: Dorpsmolen Reduzum

They aren’t out to save the world, but they are working to create a sustainable and liveable environment for the 1,400 Frisian residents of the villages Reduzum, Friens and Idaerd. The residents of these villages took matters into their own hands almost 40 years ago, drawing up a master plan for their villages – including the development of a village windmill (in Frisian: doarpsmûne). The profit generated by the mill financed the solar panels installed at the school, the gym and the sports canteen. It also provides funds for the school bus and the insulating of village homes. The revenues also subsidized the placement of solar panels on the roofs of residential and public buildings. Reduzum and her two sister villages now possess approximately 2,500 solar panels.

But tiden hawwe tiden, or: times change. Goals from the beginning of the project have already been reached or become obsolete, and needs have changed. Due to the fact that the 23-year-old windmill is worn and because of changing attitudes within provincial politics, which welcomed the project initially and but now favour large-scale wind farms on the sea, the future possibilities of the windmill and plans for its replacement are in jeopardy.


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