Landmakers: The New Afsluitdijk (‘De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk’)

The Afsluitdijk is an iconic landmark with a rich history. Since 1932, the dyke symbolizes the Dutch battle with water and is the proud feat of hydraulic engineering in the Netherlands. Rijkswaterstaat and the partnership ‘The New Afsluitdijk’ are currently working together to make the Afsluitdijk stronger and more attractive. Rijkswaterstaat is focused on the dyke reinforcement. This is necessary, as the dyke no longer meets safety standards. The New Afsluitdijk is focused on innovative sustainable projects on and around the dyke, which will provide an impetus to the regional economy and work opportunities of Friesland and North Holland.

Many projects are already in the works. The so-called ‘Fish Migration River’ (Vismigratierivier), for example, is an innovative plan to reconnect the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. That way, many species of migratory fish will soon be able to reach their spawning and living areas again. In the middle of the dyke, there is an experimental installation that generates energy from the divergent salt concentrations of the salt and fresh water. At both ends of the dyke, after sunset, you can see the reflective light gates by artist Daan Roosegaarde. All projects can be seen presented in the recently opened Afsluitdijk Wadden Center.

'The New Afsluitdijk (‘De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk’)' volledig interview (PDF)

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