Landmakers: Better Wetter

In North-east Friesland, Better Wetter is working on improved water management that offers an answer to soil subsidence in peat meadow areas, increased CO2 emissions and the washing out of harmful nutrients, such as nitrate and phosphate, from ground and surface water. Together with the province, municipalities, knowledge centres and other organizations, Better Wetter strives to develop sustainable and future-proof water management, which offers opportunities for socio-economic development in the North-east Friesland region. Better Wetter is an important initiative as the region has many water-related challenges awaiting it in the (near) future.

Another topic of concern is the way in which nature partners want to shape the water management of the future, to prevent drought and to preserve biodiversity. Linking innovative land-use, nature and water should give the region more quality. Better Wetter is also involved in the development of new crops and (regional) products, which is crucial to generating more jobs.

In this type of water management system, the environment is not adapted to the way of working (such as with the drainage of heavy agricultural machinery); rather using technological innovation to adjust our work and land-usage to the environment. This is an approach that is sustainable and climate-proof in the longer term.

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